Metal Name Tags

"You’re Good Name Should Stand Out” and as the largest producer of metal name tags in the Industry we are here to help you.

For over Sixty Five Years, Tercat has been making quality, name tags, hang tags, luggage tags & numbered tags for the Jewelry and related Industries. Tercat offers over 70 different name tags to choose from, both with rings or a hole for hanging and no ring for soldering or gluing. If we do not have the shape you desire or the size, we can also custom make a shape upon request.

Tercat supplies tags in Brass, Copper, nickel silver or any other non-ferrous metal. In precious metals we produce name tags in Sterling, Gold Filled, 10KT and 14KT Gold.

Ordering is very simple - Select the style tag from our variety of tags and send us your art work for your name or logo or name and logo. There is a one time charge for producing the stamp with your Logo on it which we will quote and require payment for upfront. (Credit Cards accepted).

The price of the stamp will be based upon the amount of design work that your stamp requires. We will fax you a proof for approval. Once you have approved the proof, the stamp will be cut and within a total of two weeks, the tags will be ready to produce. If you require the metal name tags plated, we also offer that service. If a new design is required, it will generally take four weeks to complete tooling.

For name tags made in brass, copper and Nickel Silver, there is a minimum order of 100 gross (144 pcs. per gross) on the first order only. Thereafter, a minimum of 25 gross is required. If you prefer less than the 100 gross you can order 50 gross with a set up charge.

For name tags made in Sterling or Gold Filled, there is a minimum requirement of 1000 pieces. For name tags made in 10Kt and 14Kt gold, we can produce less for a minimum order.

For large chain stores and companies with many suppliers, we offer a program in which we will produce your metal name tags, surplus a continued supply, invoice all your Vendors at the same price. We will also ship orders directly to your various vendors (both domestic and foreign) that are authorized by you to ship. If they are not on your list, we will notify you for verification. This program assures that no unauthorized companies will have access to your tags.

We also offer our name tags in various thicknesses of metal and we also can stamp on both sides if requested. Consecutive numbering is also available for limited edition products.

Specific prices, quantity requirements and a brochure of our various shapes are available upon request. Click here to view our Tercat Name Tags catalog.