Metal Shoe Tag Manufacturer

Shoe Tags also known as lace tags or shoe grillz have grown in popularity in recent years both as a stylish as well as a common sense footwear accessory. The hip hop community particularly appreciates shoe grillz on athletic footwear for making a bold fashion statement. Parents and other caregivers appreciate ID shoe tags to help in the identification of a loved one who could possibly get lost.

Joggers too as well as walkers and bicycle riders who may not always want to carry a wallet or any i.d. appreciate this practical and convenient form of identification.

Bowlers, golfers and other sports enthusiasts appreciate the convenience that individualizing their athletic foot provides. Shoe tags have also grown in popularity with sports teams and clubs as part of their athletic uniform. The promotional products industry has led the way in making shoe tags available to group and organizations of all kinds with group and company logos and insignia. Many famous maker footwear companies are embracing shoe tags as a means of brand identification for their designer labels.

Tercat can manufacture custom shoe tags in any style and numerous materials including brass, Copper, nickel silver, anodized aluminum or any other non-ferrous metal. Our shoe tags come in numerous sizes and shapes, or we can customize to suit your needs.